The Complete Hypnosis Library

If you are serious about making radical and extraordinary change in your life, the complete hypnosis library offers you access to over 40 hypnosis programs at your fingertips!

Each and every audio program focuses on a different area of personal development and self improvement and will empower you to facilitate change in your habits and behaviours, emotions, feelings, mood, thoughts and lifestyle. Each of these programs has been lovingly created to assist in bringing balance to your mind, body, spirit and emotions so you can life a rich, full life.

Working a live hypnotherapist or hypnotist on each of these areas would cost you thousands of dollars. Gaining access to this program is like having a personal hypnotherapist present with you that can assist you in the areas that you need....when you need it!

You also receive a self evaluation and goal setting exercise to help you stay on track and make the most of the recordings.

The Complete Hypnosis Library includes the following hypnosis recordings

Mindflow for Awakening Creativity

Connecting With Success

Journey into Relaxation

Connecting With Your Inner Self For Motivation

Overcoming The Fear of Public Speaking

Igniting Intimacy

Attracting Abundance

Preparing For Change

Healthy Food Habits

Do It Now - Freedom From Procrastination

Harmonization For Health And Healing

Letting Go of Junk Foods

Mindflow For Health

Mindflow For Memory And Concentration

Opening Your Heart - Attracting Authentic Love

Radiant Energy Meditation

Releasing The Past

Smoke Free For Life

Sleep Soundly

Releasing Guilt and Shame

Reconnecting To Life

Quantum Focus - Binaural Beats and Music for Meditation

Releasing Grief - Moving Towards Acceptance

Overcoming The Fear of Flying

The Mind-Body Connection

Chakra Balancing

Mind Calm Rx

Journey Into Rejuvenation

Infinite Mind - Intuition Development

Infinite Mind - Connecting With Your inner Self

Improving Confidence and Self Esteem

Infinite Mind - Connecting With The Universal Mind

Improving Your Mental Performance

Hypnosis For Pain Management and Control


Getting Over It - Releasing Past Relationships

Forgiveness - Releasing The Anger and Resentment of the Past

Enlighten Yourself - Letting Go of Weight

Increasing Your Metabolism

Balancing The Mind, Body and Spirit

Healing your Inner Child

If you were to purchase each of these programs individually it would cost you around $600

I am offering you complete access to the complete hypnosis library for only $398. This is the first time I have offered every recording I have ever produced in such a comprehensive and complete package.

Order today and relax your way to change.



Complete Hypnosis Library - Over 40 Programs

Over 40 hypnosis programs to empower you to make radical and extraordinary change in your life!

$398.00 USD