The Workshop Workshop


Now you can in the comfort of your own home!

The Workshop Workshop training program teaches you how to run successful, fun, informative workshops -- even if you've never spoken in public before!

Yes really, even if you're concerned about standing up in front of people and expressing your point of view...this really is a hold your hand while you learn and earn at home course.

It helps you know how to: create, design and run workshops that are fun, for you and your learners, what to do, and not do, to build up a list of satisfied students waiting for your next course. All the details... the behind the scenes stuff that go towards success.

Success of you as the facilitator, and the student as the learner.

You'll get the secrets of how to professionally teach adults, group facilitation, planning and the different 'what if' lists that every group facilitator needs.  You'll also learn about the pitfalls that can happen and how all successful presenters prepare for them.  (Because pitfalls happen to us all!) And we also talk about the marketing... to help you sell what you create.

So now is the time you can take what you know.... your profession,  your hobby, your knowledge of how-to..... and turn it into $$ by running successful, fun workshops that help make you the expert in your area.

How do you learn best?

Maybe you like studying in your 'jammies' at home with a cup of tea and cat on your lap...

or maybe you like to study at your local coffee shop, with earphones and a latte....

or maybe you and your partner want to run workshops together and you plug your computer into your t.v. to learn together.  

However you learn with this Workshop Workshop.... it's your choice.

This is your opportunity to take what you love to do... and turn that knowledge into successful workshops that bring in extra $$ and feelings of satisfaction for you and your students.

You can do this.... learn from the comfort of home...become the expert in your area...have fun, make some $$ and share your knowledge.  Sound good?

Georgina Cannon has over 25 years experience of designing and running workshops both in the corporate field and with various training institutions.  She currently teaches at the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Education and is an author, public speaker, counsellor and coach. Her accolades from students over the years demonstrate that she can teach and train people from all walks of life... and she looks forward to helping you become a successful workshop facilitator.




The Workshop Workshop

Be seen as the expert in your field, make money and have fun doing it! I am sure that you have been trained very successfully in your profession, but my bet is that you haven’t learned the art and science of sharing that information through workshops. So that’s why this course was developed. In the past, while working in the corporate world, I ran hundreds of workshops world-wide and picked up all sorts of tips and hints that aren’t normally discussed in teachings about workshops – so I figured it was time to share this valuable information!  

$80.00 USD