The Mini Mental Tune-Up Course

This course will enable you to focus your mind, relax the body and balance your emotions enabling your thoughts to become more calm and clear.

Three powerful hypnosis programs are included with this course.

Program 1 - Confidence

This hypnosis program is designed to install new, fresh ideas about yourself. By tapping into your inner resources and aligning with your best self, the impossible becomes possible. Your mind is a powerful tool. Your thoughts shape the person that you are. Through this hypnosis program you begin to accept positive thoughts and develop a much more optimistic view of life.

Relaxing multi layered music and nature sounds gradually quiet the conscious mind and enable you to relax into a deep hypnotic rest. When you emerge from relaxation and hypnosis you will find a new found ability to move forward in life with confidence.

Program 2 - Journey Into Rejuvenation

Do you need to relax and unwind? Do you need 30 minutes of rest and relaxation that is just for you! Can you imagine how good it will fell to finally let go of all stress and tension and experience total tranquility and peace?

This audio program has been designed with you in mind!

This gentle, profound journey into relaxation and renewal of self teaches you how to relax and use guided imagery to relax away stress and tension from your body and mind.

Daily use of this program will lead to deeper, more profound levels of relaxation and reduced stress levels.

Program 3 - Mindflow For Memory and Concentration

Mindflow for memory and concentration will empower you to maximize the power of your true potential by tapping into the power of your mind. Through this gentle experience you will have the opportunity to reprogram and rewire your brain to increase your natural ability to recall, retain and store information as well as highten your ability to focus. Great for students, business people, life long learners or anyone looking to tap into the latent abilites of their mind.



The Mini Mental Tune-Up Course

Benefits include increased levels of confidence, improved ability to adapt to and manage stress, increased focus, concentration and motivation...and much more.

$11.00 USD