Self-Empowerment Course

This 8 week course contains all of the tools that you need to boost your confidence, motivation and willpower.

Increase your ability to manifest the life that you desire by using the power of your subconscious mind to release old belief systems that are no longer serving you. 

Using the lastest, leading edge hypnosis techniques based on neuroscience and neuroplasticity you will have the opportunity to reprogram and rewire your brain at the deepest levels with new fresh information about what you are capable of.

This course contains 8 hypnosis programs (one program delivered weekly) as well as PDF workbooks to help you gain clarity and insight into your experience.

You receive the following programs:

Preparing for change

Mind Calm Rx


Mindflow For Awakening Creativity

Reconnecting To Life

Improving Your Memory and Concentration

Connecting With Success

Attracting Abundance


Self Empowerment Course

Receive 8 hypnosis programs delivered weekly Empower through blocks and belief systems that stand in your way of success PDF workbooks help to keep you on track Self evalation exercises and goal setting help you to gain clarity and define outcomes

$78.00 USD